Lootera – Amit Trivedi

                      ” Lootera by Amit Trivedi is buoyant.”

There is an album that has just landed in Bollywood, that will, at the end of the day, test your senses with its wide repertoire of genres, right from folk to electronic music. Amit Trivedi might just take the honours for an album that has wonderful nuances in its music and not to forget, some wonderful singers as well.

Sawaar Loon goes to show that the composer is eclectic. Amit adapts well to a style, that needs quite an understanding to master. Not to forget the period at which the film takes place. The tune is simple and the coating that the song has got is complete with violins, flute, simple jadhis and wonderful vocals. Also, you have got to give it to the composer, who has done his homework in selecting the singers by keeping the plot in mind. Monali Thakur fits well here.

Remember this album has somebody, who apart from Amit, takes something back to his place. Amitabh Bhattacharya sings a song that is well orchestrated. Ankahee is well supported by the lyrics and you can find Amitabh Bhattacharya donning a dual role as a lyricist and  singer. The composer can do little when the technicians involved in the song exactly know what to do and the singer-cum-lyricist has done just that. The song is breezy and subtle at a brisk pace.

Strings make a mark in Shikayatein with violins beaming at the background. Amitabh Bhattacharya is there again, making sure he delivers in a song that has good vocal arrangements with Mohan Kanan’s singing as well. Swanand Kirkire’s spirited singing takes Monta re to a different level and the vocal arrangement is splendid again in a tune that goes to show how versatile a composer can be! Amit Trivedi comes back as a singer in Zinda. The song reflects the mood of the whole album with a similar arrangement and instruments that were used for the previous songs.

There is an out of the world stuff in Manmarziyan. The track opens up well with guitar and the moment you hear the vocals and violins playing well along with each other, emotions galore and rockets to an all-time high when you hear Shilpa Rao taking guard. There is no looking back from there and santoor complements the song well till it ends.

Lootera’s music is buoyant and versatile that fits well into what seems to be a period film and considering that, the soundtrack is a clear winner!

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